Feb 20

The Three Stooges: A Crash Course

We’re excited to announce our latest Classic Couple Academy course offering. The Three Stooges: A Crash Course is now available. The Three Stooges: A Crash Course shares who’s who in the Stooges comedy troupe, showcases their early years as performers and highlights the principles of Stooges comedy. The Stooges’ 50+-year career spanned short-subject films, feature […]

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Dec 31

Classic Couple 2020 in Action: Top 10 Moments

2020 was so startlingly different from any year we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. Challenges abounded. While it certainly wasn’t the year we expected, it did deliver its own unique gifts. Hunkered at home, we resisted the temptation to cease production. Indeed upon reflection, we took a lot of action as the Classic Couple in 2020. […]

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Dec 28

Women Make Film: 14 Weeks, 14 Films in 2020

Over the course of 14 weeks in 2020, we studied Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema on our sister site, Classic Couple Academy. Each episode presented a several chapters exploring filmmaking techniques employed by the filmmakers. Below is a list of the themes we explored and the 14 films we wrote about […]

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Nov 02

Comedy Tour de Force: Mabel’s Strange Predicament (1914)

Misfits. Pratfalls. Sex. Misunderstanding. Mabel’s Strange Predicament (1914) is a school of comedy in 17 silent minutes. And it’s the film introduction what would eventually become Charlie Chaplin’s iconic comedic character, The Tramp.For that reason and so much more, it’s a classic movie fan must-see. Read more about it here on Classic Couple Academy.

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Sep 07

Can’t Look Away: La Ciénaga (2001)

As the Classic Couple, most often we use this platform to write about classic movies—those dating from the 1910s through the 1970s. From time to time, we encounter a film we like to call a new classic discovery. These can be true classic movies we have only recently viewed. They can also be serendipitous encounters […]

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Aug 31

Announcing Classic Couple Academy

As we celebrate two years as the Classic Couple, we’re thrilled to announce a new offering: Classic Couple Academy. Classic Couple Academy is dedicated to exploring classic film history, academy style. It’s an online community, where fans of classic movies can learn together and discover the magic of film-making behind the scenes and in front […]

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