Gratitude & Transitions

The old adage that time flies when you’re having fun rings true as we look back on over five years of serving up classic film-related content here as the classic couple. We’ve watched and written about so many marvelous classic movies and we’ve had countless good times with movie fans at film festivals and at classic movie club gatherings.

We still plan to keep on watching classic movies and making new memories with our cherished film-loving friends. Sharing content on this site 2024 will be less frequent.

We’re pivoting to give more attention to current film on our sister site We hope you’ll engage with our content there. We’ll still be creating and offering film-inspired products that amuse us in our gift shop, And we’ve got some exciting new projects in the hopper, some aligned with the movies, some spanning other dimensions of our lives.

As we transition, we want to express deepest gratitude for our readers and the community built here on We’ll be popping by from time to time – and we hope to see you all as we continue our journey.