The Three Stooges: A Crash Course

We’re excited to announce our latest Classic Couple Academy course offering. The Three Stooges: A Crash Course is now available.

The Three Stooges: A Crash Course shares who’s who in the Stooges comedy troupe, showcases their early years as performers and highlights the principles of Stooges comedy. The Stooges’ 50+-year career spanned short-subject films, feature films, television and cartoons. Content from all aspects of their career is available in the course from media content partner, The Film Detective. Lastly, the course looks at the legacy of The Three Stooges style of comedy.

Created as edutainment, the course is a self-paced, online experience. Best of all, it’s free.

Fans both old and new of The Three Stooges will both laugh but learn in this journey through the history of one of the most beloved comedy acts in all of entertainment. Classic film lovers and comedy fans alike are invited to have some fun with The Three Stooges. Check out The Three Stooges: A Crash Course now.