Women Make Film: 14 Weeks, 14 Films in 2020

Over the course of 14 weeks in 2020, we studied Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema on our sister site, Classic Couple Academy. Each episode presented a several chapters exploring filmmaking techniques employed by the filmmakers.

Below is a list of the themes we explored and the 14 films we wrote about through the Women Make Film lens. It was quite the road trip through cinema. Summary thoughts on the experience are captured in a letter posted here: Dear Mark Cousins.

Women Make Film Chapter Theme(s) ExploredFilm
Openings and ToneLa Ciénaga (2001)
CharacterEntre Nous (1983)
Conversation, Framing and TrackingStrangers in Good Company (1990)
JourneyThe Juniper Tree (1990)
Adult/Child, Economy and EditingMiddle of Nowhere (2012)
Point of ViewThe Erl King (1931)
BodiesThe House is Black (1963)
ReligionThe Birth, the Life and the Death of Christ (1906)
PoliticsHannah Arendt (2012)
Tension and Leave OutThe Teckman Mystery (1954)
Reveal, Memory and TimeOrlando (1992)
LoveThis is the Sea (1997)
DeathLa Cigarette (1919)
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