Classic Couple 2020 in Action: Top 10 Moments

2020 was so startlingly different from any year we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. Challenges abounded.

While it certainly wasn’t the year we expected, it did deliver its own unique gifts. Hunkered at home, we resisted the temptation to cease production. Indeed upon reflection, we took a lot of action as the Classic Couple in 2020.

Our Classic Couple 2020 in Action Top 10 moments are below, in timeline order.

  1. Winning four pairs of gloves in the Doris Day estate auction
  2. Live-tweeting the 2020 TCM Classic Film Festival Special Home Edition films with the #TCMParty
  3. Meeting virtually with our TCM Club, sharing our mutual love of classic movies
  4. Creating and launching Classic Couple Academy 
  5. Watching and writing about Women Make Film for 14 weeks on Classic Couple Academy
  6. Projecting silent films on the back fence
  7. Stopping everything on a weekend afternoon to watch The Apartment on TCM
  8. Reading five books about classic film subjects during the year
  9. Commissioning 10 classic couple portrait sets from Krushervision – reveal coming soon
  10. Collaborating with The Film Detective on a Classic Couple Academy course – launching in early 2021
Here’s to a year full of delightful classic moments in 2021!

2 thoughts on “Classic Couple 2020 in Action: Top 10 Moments

  1. Busy, busy team! Great job in 2020 with so many accomplishments! Take a bow, friends!

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