Kami Spangenberg is one-half of Classic Couple. She loves classic movies and wants to share that passion with others. While it's hard to play favorites, films topping her all-time, must-see list are: Ball of Fire, His Girl Friday, Libeled Lady, My Sister Eileen, The Thin Man, The Shop Around the Corner and The Way We Were. Oh, and The Outlaw Josey Wales. She has attended the TCM Classic Film Festival six times and is looking forward to the 2020 Festival. She is honored to have her writing featured from time to time on TheFilmDetective.com.

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Capra Christmas Noir: Meet John Doe (1941)

Director Frank Capra is perhaps best known for making films about the redemption of the common man and the goodwill of communities. These themes are omnipresent in his most iconic Christmas movies—It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946 and Meet John Doe from 1941. Both films showcase Christmas Capra noir style as the director’s darkest films…

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TCM Film Festival April 16-19, 2020

Today TCM announced the dates and theme for the 2020 TCM Classic Film Festival. Held April 16-20, the theme for the 2020 TCMFF is Grand Illusions: Fantastic World on Film. TCM describes the theme as: You’re invited on a wondrous journey to enchanted worlds of fantasy and stories beyond belief. From myths and magical creatures…

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