Nov 17

Dean Martin: King of Cool—Broadcast Premiere on TCM

Dean Martin was one of the most iconic entertainers of the 20th Century. Along with Jerry Lewis, he was one half of Martin and Lewis—the number one comedy act in America from 1946-1956. He was a chart-topping singer who recorded more than 30 studio albums and 100 songs. Indeed, his signature tune, “Everybody Loves Somebody,” […]

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Nov 14

Dennis Hopper’s 1980 Directorial Masterpiece, Out of the Blue, Returns to Theaters

In 1980 Dennis Hopper wrote, directed, and starred in Out of the Blue. Often described as the spiritual sequel to Easy Rider (1969) also co-written by, directed, and starring Hopper, it was hailed as a winner, critically acclaimed for its brilliant performances and gripping story. The film’s origins were as a family story, something akin […]

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Nov 11

Book Report: Hollywood Victory

Today, Veterans Day, we reflect on all who served in the United States Armed Forces in times of war and in times of peace. It’s a day to reflect on service and sacrifice for the greater good. One might not immediately think of a Hollywood story on this day, but a new release from the […]

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Oct 29

TCM Club October Meeting

Our TCM Club met on October 17 for a meeting covering a range of topics. We started out discussing the news of the TCM Classic Movie Festival 2022. Several club members plan to attend, and we will hold a festival planning meeting in November after tickets go on sale and plans firm up. We pivoted […]

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Oct 10

Ben Mankiewicz Interviews Lucille Ball—A What If

Hosted by Ben Mankiewicz, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) releases The Plot Thickens, Season 3: Lucy, the third installment of its award-winning podcast on October 12. The podcast features hours upon hours of never-before-heard interviews with Lucy and husband Desi Arnaz, plus their family, friends and former colleagues discussing the highs and lows in the life and […]

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Oct 09

Classic Couple Interview–Ben Mankiewicz on The Plot Thickens, Season 3: Lucy

On October 12 Turner Classic Movies (TCM) releases The Plot Thickens, Season 3: Lucy, the third installment of its award-winning podcast. For Season 3 of The Plot Thickens, TCM offers insight into the life and times of iconic Hollywood legend Lucille Ball. Featuring hours of newly-uncovered audio from Lucille Ball, listeners will hear her story in […]

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Oct 06

Guest Blog: Mothers and Daughters: In Life and On Film

Over the course of my life, I can no longer count how many movies I have watched. But I can count the movies that changed my perspective of how life can be lived. The movies that I’m reflecting on have a common thread. They relate to the mother-daughter relationship struggle, and these leading ladies are […]

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Sep 30

TCM Club September 2021 Meeting

Our TCM Club met in September for a discussion led by club member Sharon. We revisited the films watched on TCM during July, but this time we focused on music in the movies. Sharon started us off with background on composer Max Steiner and the music for Now Voyager (1942) for which he won for […]

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Sep 13

Ben Mankiewicz Interviews Herman Mankiewicz—A What If

Renowned as the greatest movie ever made, Citizen Kane (1941) celebrates its 80th anniversary this month with a special run in theaters Sunday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 22 presented by TCM Big Screen Classics. In advance of the Citizen Kane screening, this week TCM host Ben Mankiewicz offered his perspective on the film that awarded […]

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Aug 30

TCM Club August 2021 Meetings

Our TCM Club met on August 8 to play classic movie-themed Jeopardy! Lexi was our host, having developed the custom Jeopardy game for the club. Topics tested club member knowledge of classic film titles, actors and actresses, movie characters and musical scores. We played several competitive rounds peppered with lively discussion of club members’ favorite […]

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