But Have You Read the Book?

Cinephiles and bibliophiles converge in the new book release from Turner Classic Movies (TCM): But Have You Read The Book? 52 Literary Gems That Inspired Our Favorite Films by Kristen Lopez. In it, author Lopez explores 52 classic movies and the literary works that inspired them. The book’s very title reflects a common discussion among film buffs and book lovers that often goes like this:

“I love that movie!”

“But have you read the book?”

From that question often comes a lively debate about how closely, or not, the film reflects the source material. And, if diversions from the original story are a detriment or a delight. And, dare one say, which is better—the book or the movie.

Author Lopez explores 52 classics—both on the page and the screen—and their connections, sometimes faithful to the story, other times wildly divergent. She tackles adaptations of great classics such as Little Women, Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Great Gatsby as well as unearths the source material for more recent stories films such as Cruel Intentions and Clueless, which may surprise you.

Written in 52 short essays, But Have You Read the Book? invites readers to flip to their favorite films and discover the connections between the literature and film. Having read this book, one might be inspired to pick up a book from which a favorite film is based or discover a film adaptation of a beloved book. Such discoveries to be made.

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Buy the Book: But Have You Read The Book? 52 Literary Gems That Inspired Our Favorite Films by Kristen Lopez

Attend a TCM Book Signing during the TCM Classic Film Festival Hollywood 2023.


Ahead of the poolside screening of Beach Party, join two TCM Library authors who will be signing copies of their books. Entertainment journalist Kristen Lopez (The Wrap) signs her new release, But Have You Read the Book?: 52 Literary Gems that Inspired Our Favorite Films, while TCM staffer John Malahy will sign the festively themed Summer Movies: 30 Sun-Drenched Classics. Copies of both books—and some fun Beach Party-themed collectibles—will be available for purchase onsite from Larry Edmunds Bookshop.

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