TCMFF 2022 Picks & Plans: TCM Host Dave Karger

Classic Couple recently asked TCM host Dave Karger what he’s most looking forward to during the TCM Classic Film Festival April 21-24, 2022. Here are Dave’s TCMFF picks and plans.

TCM Host Dave Karger

Classic Couple: What films/events are you personally looking forward to experiencing at the 2022 TCM Film Festival and why?

Dave Karger: First and foremost, I’m so happy that the TCM Classic Film Festival is back in person for the first time in three years. I’m looking forward to meeting and catching up with our loyal fans.

Any avid TCM viewer knows how much I love Children of a Lesser God, so I’m excited to spend an hour interviewing Piper Laurie at Club TCM. And I always love it when we have live musicians playing along with a silent film so I will be in the audience for 7th Heaven (1927) on the final night of the festival. As a bonus, it’s one of the three films for which Janet Gaynor won the first-ever Best Actress Oscar. 

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Dave Karger hosts A Conversation with Piper Laurie during TCMFF on Sunday, April 24, 2022 from 12:30-1:30 pm at Club TCM at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

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  1. LOVE THOSE SILENT FILMS, TOO. With live music, it will be quite the experience.

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