TCMFF 2022 Picks & Plans: Cari Beauchamp

Classic Couple asked award-winning film historian and author Cari Beauchamp what she’s most looking forward to during the TCM Classic Film Festival April 21-24, 2022. A prolific writer, Cari has authored six books on film history including Without Lying Down: Frances Marion and the Powerful Women of Early Hollywood and is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker. She has appeared at every in-person TCM Festival as well as in multiple documentaries, including The Story of Film. Here are Cari’s TCMFF picks and plans.

Classic Couple: What films/events are you personally looking forward to experiencing at the 2022 TCM Film Festival and why?

Cari Beauchamp

Cari Beauchamp: Having had the pleasure of participating in every TCM Film Festival since the first one, it has evolved to become a joyous combination summer camp/annual reunion. Initial acquaintances have become close friends and my respect has grown for an audiences made up primarily of hard core classic film lovers who really know their stuff. That is part of the reason why my first stop will be Bruce Goldstein’s trivia game So You Think you Know Movies at the TCM clubhouse at the Roosevelt. (Over the four days I will also pop in there to see some of the many special programs held in that great room – site of the first Academy Awards – such as a tribute to Doris Day, conversation with Bruce Dern, Scott McGee discussing movie chases and more.)

Andrea Kalas, head of Paramount archives, has put together a clip show of classic songs and dance featuring the likes of Nat King Cole, Dorothy Dandridge and Fred Astaire. Her A Little Song, A Little Dance on Friday afternoon at 2 pm is a rare opportunity to see this talent showcased.

I will see plenty of films I assure you in addition to these special programs, and, with several running simultaneously from morning til night, the choices are not easy. At the same time, it is hard to go wrong – just really study your options and go with your heart.

That said I will definitely see All of Me (Friday, 3:30 pm at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX)  starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin, with Lily in person doing the introducing. Their brilliant physical comedy is spectacular here and I haven’t seen it for years. I plan to end the evening with The Gay Divorcee – of course I have watched it dozens of times, but Ginger and Fred must be seen on the big screen to be truly appreciated.

Saturday morning will find me at the Hollywood Legion theater for Return of the Secaucus Seven introduced by writer director John Sayles and his producer Maggie Renzi. Over the 40 plus years they have been together they have created their own path through the ever changing world of indie films, beginning with this one that was later imitated – with a much higher budget – by The Big Chill. Looking forward to seeing them and the film at this great venue – I always learn something.   

I am sure there will be more films and meeting friends before the 6pm screening of John Barrymore in Counsellor at Law, a great pre-code directed by William Wyler. It will be introduced by the legendary Leonard Maltin who is also this year’s well-deserved honoree of the Robert Osborne Award.

There is more I am looking forward to, of course, but most of all it will be great to see old friends in person, make a few new friends and be back in front of those big screens. Thank you TCM.

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Cari Beauchamp will lead a discussion before Jewel Robbery (1934) shown Thursday, April 21 from 7:15-8:30 pm at the Chinese Multiplex House 4. She will also lead a discussion with Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter Suzanne Lloyd before Cocktail Hour (1933) shown Friday, April 22 from 7:15-8:45 pm at the Chinese Multiplex House 6.

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  1. I actually grew up in Secaucus, NJ. Got to see this Secaucus 7 film, Wow!

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