TCM Club September 2021 Meeting

Top L to R: Caroline, Chris, Kami, Sharon
Middle L to R: Linda, Dan, Liz, Adrienne
Bottom L to R: Jane, Sangeetha, Genine, not pictured Pam

Our TCM Club met in September for a discussion led by club member Sharon. We revisited the films watched on TCM during July, but this time we focused on music in the movies.

Sharon started us off with background on composer Max Steiner and the music for Now Voyager (1942) for which he won for an Academy Award. Together we listened to the Now Voyager Overture and followed with our impressions. In particular, club members noted how closely associated the musical score is with the film itself as integral to the storytelling.

Sharon continued our discussion of the music of Max Steiner, known as the “father of film music.” After listening to the Mildred Pierce (1945 Overture we all agreed that the composition took you back to the film and its moods and scenes.

In stark contrast we listened to the Gypsy (1962) Overture, which came across as stitched together sections of music, related but reflecting the musical scenes of the film more than an overarching theme. Sharon provided information on composer Jule Styne and his considerable contributions to musicals.

Always a prepared film researcher, Sharon treated us to backgrounds on the composers, their influences, and their significant contributions to classic film. The club enjoyed the discussion so much that we asked Sharon to lead us through two more pieces of music in our October meeting.

Not to overlook the upcoming spooky season, we also plan to discuss the horror genre in our October meeting. Resident horror aficionado and club member Dan agreed to provide us with his list of favorite classic horror films, and we’ll catch up on the topic at our next meeting.

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  1. Always a fun time on these Zoom Meeting! LOVED Sharon’s presentation on Max Steiner’s music. I always learn from our club!

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