TCM Classic Film Tour in NYC: It’s a Must!

I recently took the TCM Classic Film Tour in New York City and cannot recommend it enough! It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning in the city.

Queensboro Bridge featured in Manhattan and My Man Godfrey

The tour took three hours and was led by the very professional guide, Jason Silverman. Trained by Robert Osborne himself to lead this tour for TCM, Jason kept us engaged as we toured famous movie locations around the city, complemented by watching related movie clips on the screens on-board the bus. He highlighted over 30 locations showcased in dozens of films. The tour was informative and a new way to view the famous city.

And while the cityscape has changed over the years, so many of the movie locations are iconic and cross films over the decades. It’s guaranteed that the tour and the locations it features will cover a favorite movie scene. New York City itself can be viewed as an iconic “character” in movie history.

Sightseeing, shows, shopping: an NYC must-do list is easy to come by. In my view, this tour is a must for TCM fans. Add it to your list the next time you’re there.

2 thoughts on “TCM Classic Film Tour in NYC: It’s a Must!

  1. I frequently visit NYC to see family but never took this tour. Definitely doing so on my next trip. On my last trip, I was enchanted to stumble across a Central Park bench dedicated to the memory of Claudette Colbert who often sat there admiring the scenery. Claudette lived nearby and this was one of her favorite spots. I am sure the TCM bus tour will provide many such surprises!

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