Pam Grier!

Iconic actress Pam Grier made a surprise visit to the TCM Classic Film Festival media reception on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Joining TCM General Manager Pola Changnon on stage, Grier immediately sang the praises of TCM. “I just wanted to thank you, because there are so many incredible films that are classic. Sometimes they change our curiosity, our political position, our culture, our ideas. We change and we grow, and it’s so important that you continue to show these incredible movies,” Grier said. She cut up with TCM host Ben Mankiewicz as the duo discussed their upcoming TCM The Plot Thickens Season 4 podcast, which will feature Grier. To sum it all up, Grier said, “I’m so happy. I’m a classic now.”

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Pam Grier will be appearing this weekend at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood to introduce her breakout film Coffy (1974) with TCM host Jacqueline Stewart showing from 7:15-9:00 pm at the Chinese Multiplex House 6. This will be Pam Grier’s her first appearance at the TCM Classic Film Festival.

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  1. Terrific! Glad Pam has made an appearance and sure she is being well received. She is indeed a “classic”.

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