First TCM Club Gathering of 2021

Top L to R: Suneetha, Chris, Janine, Kim
Middle L to R: Linda, Sharon, Kami, Lexi
Bottom: Adrienne, Jane, Genine, Caroline

Our TCM Club held its first meeting of 2021 on January 10. After catching up on all things holiday and New Year, we turned over the meeting to Lexi, who had created a custom game for the group.

Lexi’s game was based on the notion of “six degrees of separation” – the concept that anyone is connected to any other person through a chain of acquaintances with no more than five links or six degrees. For each round, a leader was asked to pick two numbers between 1-16 to select two stars from the the 1920s through the Golden Age of Hollywood. Then the group had to find the shortest route to connect them. We played eight rounds of the game, finding for one pairing a direct connection. All the others were achieved in less than six, proof that six degrees of separation holds true for the stars of old Hollywood.

The game was great fun and the group suggested themes for future rounds, which Lexi generously agreed to develop for upcoming meetings. We even coined a name for the game: The Classic Lexi-con!

Looking forward to another year of classic film fun and games with the club!

2 thoughts on “First TCM Club Gathering of 2021

  1. Great fun! And we have so many knowledgeable classic movie fans Really awesome! Can’t wait for our next club meeting 😉

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