Announcing Triangle Classic Movie Club: TCMC

Join Us in TCMC! was founded a year ago to share our love of classic movies with other fans. Over the past 12 months we have enjoyed writing about some of our favorite films as well as what we call new classic discoveries – old films that were new to us.

Through this site and opportunities offered to us by TCM, we have met classic film lovers in our region. With them we have built a community of friends with whom we have attended showings of TCM Big Screen Classics at one of our local theaters and with whom we have gathered socially to share our combined appreciation of classic films.

As we head into our second year as the Classic Couple, Chris and I are looking forward to continuing these friendships in a new group – the Triangle Classic Movie Club. We hope the community we have established in the Triangle area of North Carolina will choose to continue to get together around our mutual love of classic movies.

Looking forward to sharing what we get up to here. Let’s Movie!

Kami Spangenberg

About Kami Spangenberg

Kami Spangenberg is one-half of Classic Couple. She loves classic movies and shares that passion with others as a film blogger and as lead curriculum developer at Classic Couple Academy. While it's hard to play favorites, films topping her all-time, must-see list are: It Happened One Night, Ball of Fire, His Girl Friday, Libeled Lady, My Sister Eileen, The Philadelphia Story, The Thin Man, The Shop Around the Corner and The Way We Were. Oh, and The Outlaw Josey Wales. She has attended the TCM Classic Film Festival six times in LA as well as the 2020 TCM Festival Special Home Edition from her couch. She is honored to have her writing featured from time to time on She also contributes content to to raise awareness of classic movies.

9 thoughts on “Announcing Triangle Classic Movie Club: TCMC

  1. Avatar Caroline Lappetito

    It is a shame that TCM retired their local Backlot Chapters. But hooray, thanks to Kami and Chris, the Classic Couple, old movie magic will live on in the Triangle! Now we will have a new classic movie club! Looking forward to seeing all my fellow classic movie friends soon!
    All the best,
    Caroline Lappetito

    • Here’s to the future, Caroline! Triangle Classic Movie Club is going to be great!

    • Avatar Nita Sault

      I’m a new tcm backlot member

      This will be fun !!!

  2. Avatar Susan Westfall

    I am a TCM Backlot member and live in Wake Forest. I will be going on the TCM Classic Cruise this month and would love to meet people from the Raleigh area who will be on the cruise. This will be my third cruise and am so excited we will be sailing out of New York. Please email feel free to email if you will be on the cruise.

    • Always glad to meet local TCM and classic film fans! TCM Club President Chris will be in touch via email.

  3. Hi, Chris and Kami. We found your site through Linda Maultsby, one of your members who is also on our mailing list. We been showing classic films in Hillsborough for the last year and a half; nothing so professional as your undertaking, but apparently much appreciated in this small town. We’d love to join your group. How do we sign up? And we’d like to give your group a plug. We’re showing “Rashomon” today, and we’ll mention it.
    Mike and Gail

    • Hi Mike and Gail – So great to hear from you! We would love for you to join us and promote the TCM Club. I’ll send you an email with some additional information. Likewise, we’ll be joining your mailing list. Best – Kami and Chris

  4. Avatar Deborah

    My dad is an avid TCM movie lover and movie buff and is 89 years old living in Santa Rosa, CA

    Would this be a good sight for him to sign up?

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks for reaching out to us. We welcome all classic movie fans, especially fans of TCM, to visit our site and engage with us here. So, do encourage your dad to visit us at this site for content he might enjoy – no sign-up required. If he’s interested in joining a local club of TCM fans, let us know. There are some in California that are connected to TCM that we can recommend. Just reach back out if that is of interest, and we can help make introductions.

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