2021 Gratitude

In 2021, we continued our love affair with Old Hollywood and classic movies. Our good fortune led us to a number of collaborations with TCM, The Film Detective and St. George Living History Productions. We interviewed a cadre of talented filmmakers, film producers and promoters, entertainment experts, and TCM hosts. Every one expanded our thinking and taught us something about film.

This year, we did some teaching ourselves. In 2021 Classic Couple Academy launched two free, online edutainment courses focused on iconic classic film stars:

The Three Stooges: A Crash Course
Betty Boop: Sexpot, Spinster, Icon

We thank The Film Detective for serving as media partner for both courses and all of the participants who engaged with the content. A special shout-out goes to those who received their certificate of completion.

We also thank our friends at St. George Living History Productions for inviting us to give two lectures on these same course topics—The Three Stooges Story and The Uncensored Betty Boop. Sal St. George and team are top-notch and their audience is equally first-rate.

The Classic Couple: Kami & Chris

And lest we forget, instructional designer Kim, our Classic Couple Academy dreams could not come true without you. You are a true blessing, wrapped in laughs and hugs.

Our 2021 gratitude extends to the folks who offer us opportunities to cover the film community as a media outlet. Special thanks to Kerry, Emma, Taryn and Wendy for your support, which truly means a lot.

Although our Triangle Classic Movie Club (TMC Club) kept to virtual gatherings in 2021, this group of classic movie fans is incredibly special. You know who you are, and we want you to know that connecting with you each month remains a special gift.

Lastly, we slid one more component into our classic film world, creating HollywoodWares late in 2021. We’re enjoying creating products we love and hope others do too. Thanks to those who have supported this endeavor.

2021 presented challenges, but it also brought forward plenty of opportunities. These opportunities—to engage with others who share our passion for film—mean everything. We are grateful.

4 thoughts on “2021 Gratitude

  1. 2021 was quite a year! I am grateful to Kami and Chris for their stewardship of the TCMC each month. Our virtual meetings are a great way to connect with other classic movie lovers!

  2. Although 2021 was not without its many challenges, it has been an incredible year being part of the TCMC group. Kami and Chris have been inspirational by encouraging the TCMC members to keep the fire burning for the love of classic movies. For me, they have been transformational leaders. I am deeply grateful to them for opening up a new world of ideas about movies. Thank you, Kami and Chris.

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