Backlot Chapter Book Gathering

L to R: Monya, Caroline, Chris, Suneetha, Tina, Kami, Paul, Doralyn, Lydia, Linda, Dan

On Saturday, August 24, the Raleigh/Cary TCM Backlot Chapter hosted a Chapter social gathering at Vic’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Eleven Chapter members and significant others enjoyed pizza and pasta at a social focused on TCM host Alicia Malone’s book on the history of women in film, Backwards & In Heels.


Tina Reads a Passage from Backwards & In Heels

Chapter member Tina generously provided copies of Backwards & In Heels to other members in July so they could read it before the August meetup. After everyone had eaten, Tina gave a very informative presentation based on her own research that included historical facts to set the stage for what the times were like in the early days of Hollywood. Along the way, she highlighted several women included in Backwards & In Heels including Mary Pickford, Margaret Booth, Mae West and Hattie McDaniel.

Tina’s Presentation Materials

As we wrapped up, all agreed that we could certainly have another session on Backwards & In Heels and as the book’s subtitle reads: The Past, Present and Future of Women Working in Film.

Our First Book Discussion

Kami Spangenberg

About Kami Spangenberg

Kami Spangenberg is one-half of Classic Couple. She loves classic movies and wants to share that passion with others. While it's hard to play favorites, films topping her all-time, must-see list are: Ball of Fire, His Girl Friday, Libeled Lady, My Sister Eileen, The Philadelphia Story, The Thin Man, The Shop Around the Corner and The Way We Were. Oh, and The Outlaw Josey Wales. She has attended the TCM Classic Film Festival six times and is looking forward to the 2020 TCM Festival Special Home Edition. She is honored to have her writing featured from time to time on She also contributes content to to raise awareness of classic movies.

2 thoughts on “Backlot Chapter Book Gathering

  1. Avatar Caroline Lappetito

    We had a great time! Lovely people, fantastic pizza and great conversation. Tina’s presentation was informative and fascinating- great job, Tina. Thanks to Chris and Kami for hosting and for the special surprise message from Alicia Malone!

    • Glad you had a good time, Caroline! It was a fun social for the Chapter.

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