Tidbits: Rebel Without a Cause

As we prep to watch TCM Big Screen Classic Rebel Without a Cause (1955) this weekend, I did a little hunting around for some items of interest.

IMDB  offers interesting trivia about the film. Here are a few I found interesting:

    1. The empty pool in which the characters sit and discuss their lives first appeared in Sunset Boulevard. The pool had been built specially for the earlier movie, as a condition of renting the site from its owner, Mrs. J. Paul Getty. I thought that pool looked familiar!
    2. In the final scene where the camera pulls away from the observatory, director Nicholas Ray is the person walking toward the building. (possible director’s trademark for it is rumored he appeared in all of his movies). Like Hitchcock!
    3. Hume Cronyn, John Dehner, Rod Cameron, Walter Matthau and Raymond Burr were considered for Jim’s father. What an interesting exercise to envision these other actors in the role Jim Backus played.
Sunset Boulevard Pool

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Rebel Without a Cause Pool