TCMFF Picks and Plans with Filmmaker Bruce Goldstein

What are you watching?

It’s the question all TCM Classic Film Festival goers ask one another at the festival. Even though we’re all attending virtually this year, we still need to know.

Bruce Goldstein

Classic Couple recently had the opportunity to ask Bruce Goldstein, filmmaker, Repertory Programming Director of New York’s Film Forum, and founder of Rialto Pictures about his plans to enjoy TCMFF 2021 from home. Here are Bruce’s picks and plans.

Sight and Sound Makers: A Chat with Ben Burtt & Craig Barron:  Ben Burtt is the Oscar-winning sound designer best known for creating the iconic Star Wars sound effects.  Craig Barron is an Oscar-winning visual effects artist who’s worked on scores of movies in the past four decades. Both are also classic movie enthusiasts and historians. Ben and Craig’s presentations at the TCM Classic Film Festival and on the TCM Classic Cruise have been highlights for me —one thing I never miss at any of the festivals. They are the most entertaining “film professors” you’d ever want to have. You will learn more about the magic of moviemaking in one hour than in five years of film school! A Club TCM Zoom Event on Saturday, May 8 at 6:00 pm ET; advance registration required.

Hollywood Home Movies: Star at Work and Play:  Another highlight of the live TCM festivals and cruises, presented by the equally-entertaining and knowledgeable Randy Haberkamp of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science. I’m most looking forward to Randy’s interview of my friend Tony Nicholas, son of the legendary Fayard Nicholas, who, with his brother Harold, was one-half of the legendary dance team The Nicholas Brothers. Randy and Tony will be presenting some of the Nicholas Brothers’ amazing home movies.  Airing on TCM Sunday, May 9 at 7:00 pm ET.

And Classic Couple Recommends

All three films in Bruce Goldstein’s “The Streets of New York Collection”– In the Footsteps of Speedy, about Harold Lloyd’s 1928 silent comedy shot on the streets of NYC; Uncovering The Naked City, about Jules Dassin’s 1948 New York cop picture; and Pelham One Two Three:  NYC Underground—will be shown during the 2021 TCM Classic Film Festival. Goldstein’s latest film, Pelham One Two Three: NYC Underground—a humorous short essay about one of his favorite New York movies—is making its broadcast premiere as part of TCMFF 2021. Available for viewing on HBO Max.

* Times listed according to TCM Classic Film Festival schedule presentation. Crossovers into the next early morning are noted.