TCM Club Gathering: March 2021

Top L to R: Janine, Chris, Kami
Middle L to R: Sharon, Gloria, Dan
Bottom L to R: Genine, Suneetha, Lexi

Our TCM Club met on March 14 to play a new game created by TCM Club member, Sharon. Henceforward named Sharon’s Classic 5, the game asks five questions related to a classic film theme. Facilitated by Sharon, who had thoroughly researched each question, the group was asked to name five items in each category. Numerous rounds were played including: Name 5 Famous Redheads, Name 5 Films With Red in the Title, Name 5 Movies About Reincarnation, Name 5 Movies About Revenge.

This knowledgeable group was well able to name five or more in each category, with some lively discussion about if something could “be counted.” And, of course, lots of sidebar conversation occurred to discuss favorite classic films, actors and actresses.

Next meeting the club will discuss four films from the 1930s that aired in March on TCM. Looking forward to next time!