TCM Club Gathering: April 2021

Top L to R: Janine, Chris, Dan, Suneetha
Second L to R: Kami, Linda, Sharon, Gloria
Third L to R: Kim, Adrienne, Genine, Pam
Bottom: Caroline

Our TCM Club met on April 11 to discuss four movies from the 1930s that aired on TCM in March.

  1. Fifth Avenue Girl (1939)
  2. On Borrowed Time (1939)
  3. Riffraff (1936)
  4. King Kong (1933)

As usual, this group came prepared, with some members having watched all four films. The conversation was lively and the reviews mixed.

Most members agreed that Fifth Avenue Girl has its charms and its tale of being taken for granted by those closest to you is evergreen.

On Borrowed Time was a favorite of some with its hopeful message that there is something waiting for us beyond this life. All agreed that Lionel Barrymore was certainly in his element cast as as Gramps to young Pud, played enormously well by child actor Bobs Watson.

Members agreed that Riffraff, centered on the struggles of unionized fisherman to provide for their families, lived up to its title with its gritty view of life on the docks. The performances of Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow, who both play characters who want more out of life, received mixed reviews from club members.

King Kong (193() – Original Movie Poster

All members agreed that King Kong is an essential classic film. We marveled at how 1933 audiences must have been captivated, and duly terrified, by the vision on the theater screen. Club members also noted a bolstered appreciation for actress Fay Wray upon watching the film again.

Club members will be watching a set of films from the TCM May schedule to discuss in June. Looking forward to another in-depth conversation with our film fan friends!

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