TCM Chapter Off to See the Wizard

Raleigh/Cary TCM Backlot Chapter Sees The Wizard of Oz
Wicked Witch of the Popcorn

Yesterday the Raleigh/Cary TCM Backlot Chapter was off to see the 80th anniversary TCM Big Screen Classics screening of The Wizard of Oz (1939).

Before the show I made the acquaintance of a six-year-old Wicked Witch of the Popcorn seeing the movie for the first time in a theater with her aunt. We had a lovely chat about her decision to come to the movie as a witch or as Dorothy. In the end, she opted for a witch, but wore ruby slippers all the same – a choice I would have made myself.

The Door to Oz

Experiencing the film on the big screen was a first for me, and I wondered what would make an impression. I was anticipating the moment when Dorothy opens the door of the house for her first view of Oz. The transition from black and white to Technicolor did not disappoint. The effect on the big screen was wondrous.

Nine chapter members saw the movie together, with many of us meeting in person for the first time. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the film, and we took the first group photo with our new TCM Backlot Chapter banner, courtesy of a patient and kind fellow movie attendee. After the movie, we enjoyed one another’s company and discovered lots that we have in common over coffee and crepes.

The day reinforced, that for me, there’s no place like TCM.

L to R: Kim, Chris, Linda, Lora, Nancy, Dan, Kami, Faith, Nick