May 05

TMCFF Picks & Plans with Biographer Mark Harris

What are you watching? All TCM Classic Film Festival goers pose this question to fellow fans at the festival. This year, though we’re all attending virtually, we still want to know. Classic Couple recently had the opportunity to ask Mark Harris, author of Mike Nichols: A Life, which TCMFF 2021 films he plans to enjoy […]

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May 04

TCMFF Picks and Plans with Filmmaker Bruce Goldstein

What are you watching? It’s the question all TCM Classic Film Festival goers ask one another at the festival. Even though we’re all attending virtually this year, we still need to know. Classic Couple recently had the opportunity to ask Bruce Goldstein, filmmaker, Repertory Programming Director of New York’s Film Forum, and founder of Rialto […]

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May 03

@CoupleClassic Live-Tweet Schedule for TCMFF 2021

We’re going prime time! With our live-tweet schedule for the TCM Classic Film Festival 2021, that is. Hope you’ll join us as we live-tweet the following prime time films airing on TCM during the festival. Thursday, May 6West Side Story (1961) Airing at 8:00 pm on TCM Friday, May 7SF SKETCHFEST Presents Plan 9 From […]

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May 02

TCMFF Picks & Plans With The Raleigh-Durham TCM Club

The Raleigh-Durham TCM Club had its pre- TCM Classic Film Festival ramp-up meeting on May 2. The main topic of discussion was what content club members plan to enjoy on TCM and HBO Max. Club member picks and plans are below.* West Side Story (1961) Airing on TCM Thursday, May 6 at 8:00 pm ET. […]

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Apr 30

TCM Club Gathering: April 2021

Our TCM Club met on April 11 to discuss four movies from the 1930s that aired on TCM in March. Fifth Avenue Girl (1939) On Borrowed Time (1939) Riffraff (1936) King Kong (1933) As usual, this group came prepared, with some members having watched all four films. The conversation was lively and the reviews mixed. […]

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Apr 11

TCM Club Gathering: March 2021

Our TCM Club met on March 14 to play a new game created by TCM Club member, Sharon. Henceforward named Sharon’s Classic 5, the game asks five questions related to a classic film theme. Facilitated by Sharon, who had thoroughly researched each question, the group was asked to name five items in each category. Numerous […]

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Feb 28

Nostalgia and Coffee

Classic Couple welcomes guest blogger Sharon Walters, sharing her reflections on The Duke Is Tops (1938) It is Monday morning, and birds are singing. Yes, a beautiful sunny day and I remembered I had the next few days to myself. What better time to watch an old-time movie called The Duke is Tops. Other than […]

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Feb 27

TCM Club Gathering: February 2021

Our TCM Club met on February 21 to discuss three films from the TCM monthly schedule. Club members could choose to view one, two or three films from the selections of the month: The Bad and the Beautiful (1952): melodrama about a Hollywood producer making his way to the top of the studio system Crossfire […]

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Feb 20

The Three Stooges: A Crash Course

We’re excited to announce our latest Classic Couple Academy course offering. The Three Stooges: A Crash Course is now available. The Three Stooges: A Crash Course shares who’s who in the Stooges comedy troupe, showcases their early years as performers and highlights the principles of Stooges comedy. The Stooges’ 50+-year career spanned short-subject films, feature […]

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Feb 16

An Essential Film in Black History: The Duke Is Tops (1938)

The Duke Is Tops (1938) is an American musical film released by Million Dollar Productions, a production company noted for advancing Black filmmaking in the late 1930s. Ralph Cooper, one of the three heads of Million Dollar Productions, scripted, co-directed and starred in the film. The Duke Is Tops is a B-musical featuring a mostly […]

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