HollyShorts 2022 Recap

We were thrilled to cover HollyShorts Film Festival 2022¬†as credentialed media. We’re big advocates of short film and the opportunities this art form provides for unique, impactful storytelling. We encourage classic film fans in particular to seek out short film as a very accessible way to explore what’s happening in filmmaking today. In six minutes or thirty, short film viewers immerse themselves in setting, scene and scenario. It’s really something to experience.

We had a super time covering HollyShorts this year and engaging with some tremendous filmmakers in the process. The festival was chock full of films to experience, we only scratched the surface with our coverage.

Check out our HollyShorts 2022 coverage on our sister site, Classic Couple Academy here:

Short on Shorts: Family Ties That Bind
Filmmaker 5 with Sean Lionadh: Too Rough
Filmmaker 5 with Tory Devon Smith: The Baldwin Archives
Short on Shorts: Losing Control
* Includes HollyShorts award winner: ZEISS Presents: Hollyshorts Film Festival Achievement in Filmmaking and Cinematography “CENSOR OF DREAMS” Khalib Mohtaseb
Filmmaker 5 with Cameron S. Mitchell and Julia Muniz: ELSA
Short on Shorts: Identity as Teacher

Hope we’re invited back next year!

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